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Our People

“Satswana is led and managed by a Board of Six Directors with an outstanding range of skills and experience relevant to the demands of security and compliance.  Our operational management is supported by a bespoke Customer Management Program created from a twenty year association with dedicated talent based in Pune, India. We believe in the continuous training of our own direct staff and are rapidly expanding our recruitment in line with the demands of our customers and the May Implementation of GDPR.  Our expertise is backed up by access to support partners who possess the deepest levels of competence in specific areas such as ‘next generation’ firewall management.  Whilst recognising that the prime role of the Data Protection Officer is to ensure compliance with the Regulation, we equally believe that has to be backed up in every aspect of security control so as to support the delivery of protection “by design and default”.  Satswana is continuously widening its capability to deliver that objective.”