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Data Protection Officers

We believe we are privileged to be in a position to demand the highest standards from the individuals who are selected to attend our free training course to become a Satswana Certified Data Protection Officer.

You are likely to have had a distinguished career in military or public service, prior to working within a contributing discipline.  We do seek computer literacy as a basic requirement since you will be working in a data environment and operating your element of an overall Client Management Program.  You will be an outgoing person capable of operating entirely on your own initiative and enjoying the interaction and connection with your Clients.

Essentially you are representing the interests of Natural Persons who have given consent for the use of their data, and there may be times when you have to ensure that the rules are being obeyed.  This can be a challenging position where you must be prepared to stand your ground if a problem is identified.  Of course you will always have the support of Satswana to back you up if required.

We offer full time contracts and also part time opportunities that might suit the retired or those with family responsibilities that are their first priority.

If you believe that you meet the standards that we require please apply to employment@satswana.com including a CV and a covering outline of your interest area.  We cannot guarantee to be recruiting all the time, but must continuously match Client requirements in the locations that require further resources.  We undertake to advise all applicants within 48 hours whether there is demand in their area.

By emailing us at that address you give us your specific consent to contact you regarding employment with Satswana.