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Breach Response

Satswana provides two approaches to the threat of a breach.  First we work with you to plan your response in the event you should be attacked.

There are two essentials, one is to be prepared with a media script and personnel identified and trained to handle that delivery, who may be your trained Data Protection Officer acting on behalf of the organisation.  We will also provide an agreed suite of standby web pages, hosted remotely so that a simple DNS change will immediately cover off the information needs to the public.

Secondly we will mobilise our resources to support you in remediation and the continuing handling of the situation until it is resolved.  Providing you have retained us as your DPO and complied with all the recommendations that we have suggested to you, then there is no charge for this time.

We work on the basis that criminals will continuously seek a weak point to attack and by definition that cannot be counteracted in advance, so however good your compliance, somebody is going to be threatened.  It is in our joint interests to combine with all relevant agencies and authorities to learn the nature of the attack, find and implement a resolution, and then apply it across the rest of our Client estate as quickly as possible.  At the same time we wish to minimise the Public Relations back lash on the organisation concerned.

Our Breach Response service is available to Clients who have contracted for our Data Protection Officer Support services.