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Data Protection Officers

Satswana does not only offer organisations a “Data Protection Officer” to meet their legal liability, we back that up with support from deep level skills across the full range of computing, data handling and cyber security.

Where you require a full time internal role, we offer fully trained and supported experts on a permanent, contract, or temporary basis – all of whom will have long term access to our infrastructure.

Our “fractional” DPO service provides only the level of support that you require, at an affordable cost – but with the backup of considerable reinforcements if necessary.

To find out more, please login to access our client management program where you will find more information.  To demonstrate our own compliance with GDPR please note that whilst we ask you to provide your email address as a user name, and a password – we will not contact you until you give us specific consent to do so.  If you do not proceed then we will delete your data after 30 days.  If after that you wish to register again, you may do so using the same information, but we will have no record of your earlier contact.