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Encryption of data makes it unreadable to an unauthorised person, and thus becomes absolute protection.

Satswana has expertise that can advise you on the full range of options, ranging from the almost free solutions for individual PC’s, through network options within our Virtual Data Centre, up to a full Enterprise solution.

Our solutions cover Data at Rest, in Transit, and in Communications.

We cover the issue within our Foundation Course, and it is almost certain to arise during an impact assessment, so Clients who select our DPO Services will have access to all appropriate information.

We can also advise on Tokenisation, Pseudonymisation, Virtualisation or any other data securitisation technique.

If you are interested in any aspect of Encryption, please send an email to encryptionconsent@satswana.com.  The use of this email address means that you give us your specific consent as required by the Regulation to contact you regarding encryption only.  We will seek further consent if you wish us to expand the discussion into other areas.