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Processor Support

If you are a Processor as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation, then you are likely to have multiple “Controller” customers – all of whom require a contract with you as defined in Article 28.

Satswana can facilitate GDPR Compliance solutions in a manner that is helpful to all parties.  We will start by making a plan that will break down your customer types into template responses, then work with you to ensure acceptance whilst assisting you to implement any required or recommended security applications.

Whilst there will be many common features for those running a data centre or cloud service, it is also likely that specific and individual components will have to be considered for each customer deployment.  For that reason our services are offered on a time and materials basis, with a contract element offered once the implementation exercise is complete.

Let us resolve your GDPR issues, and at the same time you can offer positive and effective support to your customer base in a manner that will assist your marketing relationship.  For a further discussion please email us at processorconsent@satswana.com

The use of this email address means that you give us your specific consent as required by the Regulation to contact you regarding Processor contracts only.  We will seek further consent if you wish us to expand the discussion into other areas.