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Selective Hour’s Contracts

We offer full time contracts and also part time opportunities that might suit the retired or those with family responsibilities that are their first priority.

Satswana is very privileged to have on its books some quite outstanding talent from within the retired community whose career and life experience suggest that they are vastly over qualified for the role. They work with us to give them a continuing interest, working the hours and at the times that suit them.  Of course some money helps the budget, but that is not their first priority – it is the societal benefit that they feel their contribution brings to the community.

We are equally appreciative of the few spare hours that highly skilled and talented Mothers with young children can work.  Often high flying lawyers, accountants or similar, they tell us that they want to get out of the house, use their brains and make a social contribution, and we can most gratefully provide that.

Clearly those working at times to suit them enable us to match their availability with our Client need, which is broadly equally flexible on time.  However their invaluable support will always be backed up with an alternative, so when the Family comes first there is no issue!

If you believe that you meet the standards that we require please apply to employment@satswana.com including a CV and a covering outline of your interest area.  We cannot guarantee to be recruiting all the time, but must continuously match Client requirements in the locations that require further resources.  We undertake to advise all applicants within 48 hours whether there is demand in their area.

By emailing us at that address you give us your specific consent to contact you regarding employment with Satswana.