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Subject Access Request Response

Your DPO is there to help you if you should get a Subject Access Request. They will have access to central expertise to back up their own skills in dealing with both the arising document, and any procedural improvements that can mitigate the underlying cause.

The compliance recommendations of Satswana are designed in the first instance to minimise the risk of the aggressive receipt of Subject Access Requests.  Both the plan and consideration of that comes from the expertise of our Data Protection Officers and will be a part of the recommendations within your Impact Assessment.

As is the case with a Data Breach we will mobilise our resources to support you in remediation and the continuing handling of any attack situation until it is resolved.  Providing you have retained us as your DPO and complied with all the recommendations that we have suggested to you, then there is no charge for this time.

This service is available to Clients who have contracted for our Data Protection Officer Support services.