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Training and Recruitment

Satswana operates its own training division and can provide a full range of courses for all aspects of GDPR.  Specifically important is the “Foundation” Course, intended to create awareness and understanding of the security, compliance and operational requirements of the Regulation.  This is especially recommended for “accountable persons” who we will brief on why we regard the exercise as an opportunity, not a problem!

We run free training courses for carefully selected candidates with appropriate prior skills and experience so that we can place them on a permanent or fractional basis, with continuous access to support mentors within Satswana.  Third parties may place their candidates on these courses on a chargeable basis.

We principally recruit staff from a service background, ideally with further commercial experience in a related discipline.

We also seek to leverage the skills of retired people, or those who can only work limited hours for family reasons, to match the fractional demand with part time availability.  This accesses a pool of people who have outstanding backgrounds and experience, combined with an interest to continue to contribute to society.

If you are interested in any aspect of our training services, please send an email to trainingconsent@satswana.com.  The use of this email address means that you give us your specific consent as required by the Regulation to contact you regarding training opportunities only.  We will seek further consent if you wish us to expand the discussion into other areas.

Applicants interested in working with Satswana should please see the Employment heading