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Virtual Data Centre

Satswana inherits over 40 years of experience of the development of networks and server architecture, including specifically working with Cisco in the earliest days of Internet in the City, on firewall technology.  Thus we recognise the haphazard manner in which delivery structures have developed.

We understand the desirability of bring your own devices, local PC operations, and the relative benefits of both on and off premise data handling.  We also see today that the variety and flexibility can create cost and problems.

Then again we see the emergence of new threats, with specific solutions required, calling for specialist skills – challenging for any IT department.

The solution we can offer is to gather together all your requirements within one Virtual Data Centre environment that is maintained by dedicated specialists who can keep up with the ever changing threat landscape and keep your data safe.

You get security, resilience, failover and backup, all organised for you, in a manner that would otherwise take not only a lot of time, but call for very considerable expertise across a range of disciplines – a classic case for the deployment of specialists.  Also opt for encryption on this basis.

“Your” service remains totally yours, totally under your direct and exclusive control, and that will still provide plenty of headaches, but you will have the time to deal with them.  It is likely that it will also be considerably cheaper.

This service is available to Clients who have contracted for our Data Protection Officer Support services.